My First Perfect Grade Gundam is Done!

It took me quite a while but I’ve got my first Perfect Grade Gundam done.  He is pretty impressive!  The Perfect Grade Gundam is the white and red one.

To Start with look at the hands on this guy.  this is how they were injection molded.  It’s pretty wild they can do this!

Above are the perfect grade size weapons.

In the above picture you can see how big he is.  The perfect grade is in the middle, master grade is next to him in the middle and real grade on the far left and high grade on the far right.  The one sitting on the train in the back is also a high grade model.

This is a master grade with his eyes glowing.  He comes with an LED kit so you can light up different parts of him.

The perfect grade also came with a LED kit but his eyes aren’t lighting up very well in this picture.

that’s it for now.  I’ve got lots more to post but have been lazy lately.

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