Tinkering and Building Time

When I was a kid I would almost always do a lot of tinkering and experimenting this time of year.  I had a lot of time off which meant I was bored and needed to figure out things to do.  Setting up dominoes downstairs, playing with electronics, and building things was always a lot of fun.  When you think of it as a kid thinks a lot of it was building worlds.

These days most of us are lucky to get a day off.  This year I had a couple 3 day weekends so I started working on planning out how to make programmed mini RC cars and working on Gundams.  This year I got enough Christmas gift money to purchase my first perfect grade Gundam.  This thing is massive! It will work out great for a centerpiece and to catch potential customers’ eye at our Hall’s ToyBox stands.

I’ll start with the perfect grade Gundam.  This guy is 1/60th scale.  Most of the Gundams I build are 1/144 or 1/100 scale so he is quite a bit bigger.  He has a few die-cast parts and also LED lighting and lots of detail.  So far I only have his feet completed.  If I could read Japanese I could maybe tell you how many parts he has.  🙂  I’ll need to learn some.

He’s got lots and lots of parts so should keep me busy for quite some time.

Next are pics of a couple Gundams I built over my break.  These are the littler easier and faster to build high grade Gundams that are 1/144 scale.

This one I got for my birthday from my sister last year.  It turned out looking quite ausome! This guy above is a high grade Gundam Fenice Rinascita.

This one I really like.  I was able to put him together in no time but he has a lot of detail and looks really cool.  He is a high grade RGM-96X Jesta E.F.S.F. Special Operations Mobile Suit at 1/144 scale.  I really like that you can build these and not need to use paint or glue and they still look great.  It makes them lots of fun to put together.

And next the RC project.  I have added an Arduino to a bigger RC car and programmed it to do some basic driving but going to the mini and micro level is a whole different thing.  If I can use something like an Arduino Micro or something lots littler to run the micro RC cars that would be great.  Even better would be making them run off of their battery and solar power.  Adding sensors so they can move around on their own autonomously would be great.  If you do it right it would almost be like having an eternal running electronic pet.  Maybe like a little mouse or big ant but completely on it’s own.  Anyway, I picked up a bag of 4 of these little micro AC cars at a secondhand store for a cheap price of $3.00.  You can’t beat that for some experimenting robotic fun.

Replacing the circuitry with your own gets to be a challenge on these little platforms.  Putting it back together is a very big challenge as well.  We’ll see if I get anywhere with this.  🙂